Ukrainian culture

Every culture in the world has something different to offer the world. If you want to date someone from a specific culture, then you need to put the time in doing homework and learning as much as you can. This article is about Ukrainian women and the Ukrainian culture. Our tips will greatly improve your chances when dating these ladies.

1. Smiling and shaking hands.

Ukrainian cultureIt may well happen that you won’t get a warm response to your smile or extended hand. Much like with other Eastern European countries, smiles are reserved for people one knows. The same with handshakes. Those aren’t too customary either. Remember this next time you approach a woman to ask her out. Don’t be intimidated if she seems cold and reserved at first.

2. Being invited over and giving a gift.

When you are invited to a Ukrainian home, you should expect to be at the center of attention. The entire evening revolves around you. You are going to be well entertained, well fed and well taken care of. Note that it is important to bring a gift to those who invited you. It is away of demonstrating gratitude for the hospitality.

3. Superstitions, so many superstitions.

People living in Eastern European countries are very superstitious. To a newcomer this will seem overwhelming at first – it is as if there is a superstition about everything. You can crack some jokes on the matter, they may even laugh with you but will still keep from whistling indoors or buying an even number of flowers as a gift.

4. Friends and acquaintances.

In the west, a “friend” can mean several things. It may happen that someone has known a person for a week and considered them a friend. Things couldn’t be more different in Ukraine – the word friend has a much deeper meaning over there. Making friends over there isn’t that easy – just be very patient.

5. Educating kids.

In the West people often set up extracurricular activities for their kids. The difference with Ukraine is that kids have many of them. All parents in the Ukrainian culture want the best education for their kids, so they get private tutors for them, want them to learn several languages, put them in dance or art school and so forth.