Beauty of the East

Eastern European Women Beautiful – Beauty of the East

Eastern Europe encompasses a broad geographical area. Perhaps the large number of Eastern European supermodels on catwalks has created certain perceptions about the way Eastern European women look. In fact, there is incredible diversity in the appearances of Eastern European women. Some have almost Nordic features with blonde hair and blue eyes. Others are brown-eyed brunettes. The average height of women in Eastern Europe is 5”5 (165cm)  which is only slightly taller than the average American female. However, there are particular traits that exist across Eastern Europe which make the younger women quite appealing to western males. read more

Picking up Women Online

Picking up Women Online or Offline – Improve Your Chances

It may seem that some men pick up women successfully with little effort. You desperately want the inside secrets about their pick-up lines, aftershave or pheromone potions. It is highly unlikely that they are using any of these tricks. They are simply using their own best qualities to appeal to women. You can do it too. They may use some traditional ways to find women or may also go online to try their luck. read more

Screen Name for Online Dating

How to Pick a Sassy & Soulful Screen Name for Online Dating

When it comes to success of online dating, the screen name or profile names are very important. People come to know about this after a long time dating. Screen names are very important while dating online and the majority of the users get attracted by these fancy names. Screen names are very important in building impressions and getting a quick response on these dating websites. However, there is no hard and fast rule for picking a screen name for online dating. It needs to be catchy and able to get attraction from the users. read more

Slavic women online

Make Your Online Dating a Successful Experience

Online dating sites are increasing exponentially with singles’ increasing interest in online mate searching. People get different experiences on different dating sites. To make your dating experience more exciting you need to learn some rules about dating over the internet. The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not alone. There are thousands of singles searching for their partners over the internet, so you need not to feel nervous.  Some simple tips can be helpful in making your dating enjoyable. read more

finding love overseas

Finding Love Overseas – How to Meet a European Bride

Men have always been fascinated by European women.  Beautiful, sophisticated and intelligent, European women have strong values that have not been influenced by Western culture.

Men have, for generations, sought after and married European women. In decades past, men often met their brides during times of war. After the wars ended, many wartime brides moved with their new husbands to his homeland to raise a family. read more