Marriage in Russia

The Significance of Customs Regarding Marriage in Russia

Russian weddings are fun to watch. In the past, Russian weddings used to be very traditional and conventional. They were filled with customs and traditions. This is however, not the case anymore. The Russian weddings have now modernized a lot and the fun part has enhanced. The level of celebrations of a Russian wedding depends on the financial position of the family that is conducting the ceremony. The rich families celebrate the wedding ceremonies in full fervor. Their weddings consist of many parties and fun filled events. The families who are not financially stable also celebrate weddings in a fun way but those celebrations are not too grand. read more

Marriage Customs in Ukraine

Marriage Customs in Ukraine – A Critical Review

Traditions and customs connect together and form a culture. Every region of the world has a different culture that sets it apart from other regions. There are certain areas of the world that are being modernized and we do not get to see the old customs in the day-to-day lives of the people. People like to be independent and live their lives on their own ways. However, there are certain occasions that are always filled with the old rituals and customs no matter how modernized people get. Marriage is one of those events when the typical traditions and customs are at its peak. These customs complete a marriage and bring happiness for the couple. read more

Chinese Women

What the Alluring Chinese Women Want?

Alluring Chinese women have had an appeal for western men since very long. It stems from an inferiority complex (defeat in the First World War).

The Desires of Alluring Chinese

Chinese women want their men to be

  • Ambitious
  • Successful
  • Honest
  • Straightforward
  • Caring
  • Courteous
  • True to their word

They want their men to be ambitious but not rich. If a man aspires to move ahead in life and achieve more and more he is sure to strike a chord in the heart of a Chinese woman. Success does not mean money. To the Chinese women the mindset of the successful man is appealing because that mindset helped him to achieve success. read more

Russian Women as Life Partners

Russian Women as Life Partners – How to Make It Possible?

In the early 90s, Western men travelled to Russia for tourism and were dazzled by the graceful and charming Russian women. Russian ladies have an appealing look and style that every man dreams of. The Russian women have their own peculiarity. As compared to the Western women, Russian women hold good moral values, sensitive in nature and family oriented ladies. These qualities of Russian women make them favorites for the Westerners. This is the reason most of the Americans prefer to have a Russian wife to complete their family cycle. read more