date a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian women have much in common with Russian women. Despite that fact, they still maintain their uniqueness in characteristics and beauty that stem from their culture. Dating a Ukrainian woman is definitely a very enjoyable and enriching experience.

We have listed just a couple of the reasons why Ukrainian women are so “date-able” and if you aren’t convinced about if you should date one of them, here are 3 really good reasons to go for it:

1. There is a Man Shortage in Ukraine

Let us rephrase that one: there is a shortage of good men in Ukraine – the good ones are already taken. The ones that have an interest in building a family, that have a great job to support the family and who are ready in general for a serious relationship. This isn’t to undermine the guys from Ukraine but most Ukrainian women are ready to date foreign men. date a Ukrainian woman

That is why these ladies and plenty more from the Eastern-European countries are signing up on online dating sites and looking to date outside the country.

2. They Have no Hang Ups about Culture or Age

In other culture spaces the rules around culture and age are much more strictly followed. People breaking the rules are seen in a negative light. This is something that doesn’t happen in Ukraine where the majority of people are open to different cultures and are have no issues with a person marrying someone much older or younger.

So, there is no need to be concerned about the age or cultural difference. You will be accepted as you are in Ukraine.

3. They Aren’t Afraid to Give Men Attention

A lot of women in the Western culture love to play hard to get. They may say no but mean yes. They can act like ice queens but expect you to act warmly towards them. That is not the case with the women from Ukraine. They aren’t scared to be upfront and give a man attention. In this respect they are a lot like Russian women – they love to flirt and in their country it isn’t frowned upon.

More Than Three

There are many more reasons why it is such a great idea to date a Ukrainian woman. For example you can add their love towards theatre and art into the mix. Come back soon for more Ukrainian dating posts and tips.