Dating Russian women online is phenomenally popular these days. No wonder, these ladies are stunning, passionate and captivating. Of course, they are in such a high demand on the online dating scene. What the guys who are dating online often forget is that they need to gather information about dating someone from a different culture. That is where we come in. In today’s article, were going to take a look at what are some of the dislikes of Russian ladies. Let’s take a look of what they don’t want in a man:

1. Cheap guys

Russian womenBefore you even think that in that case, the women must be gold diggers – know that it is actually the opposite. Gift giving is a huge part of the Russian culture and in order to make your date feel appreciated you should always bring a bouquet of flowers of a box of chocolates. If you bring her expensive things or take her out to only the most expensive restaurants. She will feel like you think you can buy her affection with money. Not a good idea.

2. Quitters

Everyone know the term “thrill of the chase” and Russian women are so often asked out that trying to get a date takes a guy who enjoys it – chasing. They don’t always reject men right away but most of the time they duck requests to go out. A lot of guys are into “scoring” with a Russian woman and have no interest in serious relationships and that makes the ladies careful. Be persistent but not pushy and don’t overwhelm her.

3. Men who aren’t confident

There is nothing that puts off a woman faster than a grown man with no confidence. That translates into the way you talk, your attitude when asking them out, and everything else. You need to be assertive and have pride. There is no other way to get close to Russian women – you can’t be a quitter with low self-esteem.


Dating internationally and dating Russian women specifically is a great time if you know how to approach them. Remember these pointers. do more research on their culture and you will do great. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips.