Asian lady

There are so many Asian dating sites with tons of gorgeous Asian women online but there is always that one, that will catch your attention right away. Lets play out this scenario – you see a profile of this gorgeous Asian lady, her interests are very similar to yours, her dislikes are very similar to yours and you decide to send her a message. You wait for a couple of hours and there is no response. You wait a whole day and send another message but still get nothing in response. You may be asking yourself if there is a way to get her to reply to you because you’re just that into her.

Some Things You Can Do if Your Asian Lady ISN’T Responding Asian lady

1. Patiently Waiting

There is no specific time by when people reply to a message when online dating. All you can really do is patiently wait. Perhaps she hasn’t read the message of the internet is very slow in that region. There are plenty of factors that you should consider as to why she isn’t replying to you. If it’s been a week then you simply move on to the next person.

2. Revise the Message

Option number two is going through the message you sent. How come? There is a chance that your Asian interest does not know how to express herself well in English. If you sent her a really long letter, then she may have some issues responding to it. Be smart and send messages that are simpler and see how fast you get responses. You can also higher a translator just in case.

3. Be Who You Are

Act natural. Asian women aren’t into the cocky attitude. Their culture is so much different from yours and if your message sounds like you’re full of yourself then you’re done. Typically there is no point to trying to send a more polite message after that. Just move on to someone else.


Read your Asian lady friends profile carefully. There are tons of clues on there – about what she likes in guys and what she doesn’t. Just remember these 3 tips and you’ll do great and get responses soon. If you’re truly compatible, she’ll feel it too and it won’t take too long for her to reply.

Check back soon for more Asian dating tips, dating tips and so on. Good luck with online dating!