ladies in hong kong

Interested in taking a trip to Hong Kong or planning to move there? Or perhaps you are travelling on business? Whatever it is, we are here to provide you with some help to make your dating there easier. The women there are a bit more open minded to foreigners than those who live in less touristy places. This article details the 4 kinds of ladies in Hong Kong you can meet.

1. Cantonese Ladies

ladies in hong kongThe majority of the women you come across are going to be local Cantonese. It is easy to spot them by their build and platform shoes. These ladies are typically petite, round eyed, have curved eyebrows and plenty of other features that men are after. Take note that most of them don’t speak English too well and therefore may be difficult to approach. They can be quire a challenge but going after them is definitely worth it.

2. Mainland Ladies

These are the ladies that have made the move from Mainland China to Hong Kong to get a shot at a better life. Their goal was to move to a bigger city with more opportunities. Unfortunately they are somehwat looked down upon by local women. In a strange way that is good news for you – that makes them more inclined to mingle with foreigners.

3. Chinese Expat

These are ladies that have moved to other countries, usually the West and have lived there for a long time. After that they have moved to Hong Kong either temporarily or permanently. So even if you are meeting in the big city of Hong Kong it still feels like you are meeting a woman from the West. Majority of them speak English very well and won’t look like local girls.

There are many of these women around the city which is full of foreign companies. They are of mixed nationalities and are usually very career oriented. Because they are used to the Western lifestyle they are attracted to foreign guys and are more open, more approachable. Also more knowledgeable about the cultures – both Asian and Western.

Interested in meeting these ladies?

Did you find any of these Hong Kong ladies interesting enough to want to date them? When planning your trip, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sign up to an online dating site and set up dates before you get there. If that doesn’t happen in time then you can simply approach them in person.