Asian women

The concept of giving compliments as a way to break ice is very common and it may seem harmless. The thing about it is that due to cultural differences your compliment may not actually come across as a compliment. The Asian culture is understandably a lot different from the Western one and therefore you should re-evaluate how you approach Asian women. What works in your country – from the way you talk to others, the way you work and give compliments to what you eat – may not be accepted somewhere else.

We did some research to make your online dating experience easier and here are 4 compliments we’ve found that Asian women love to hear:

1. “You look great in that outfit.”

This compliment focuses on two important aspects. The wording and the detail. Giving a general compliment comes across as a cliché but detailing exactly what you mean sounds great and it makes her feel good. A great compliment must lead the way into a good conversation. It is also important to be honest about what you are saying and to not over do it by giving compliments all the time. Asian women

2. Compliment her sense of humor.

With this compliment you express something you adore about her personality. This compliment is obviously deeper than simply commenting on looks. This is great for expressing how you feel about her. Who doesn’t want to hear other people tell them what makes them wonderful. Try to be as creative with these as you can – notice how she’s smart and dedicated to her family, compliment her on her generosity and kindness.

3. “You look thinner.”

This may sound very corny but you need to understand this from the Asian perspective. Asians are very much into the youthful and fit look. You’ve probably read about how well the Asians age and you know what – it is absolutely true. So complimenting the women on being fit and looking youthful is accepted.

4. Compliments on accessories.

It is always a good idea to pay someone a sincere compliment. It works wonderfully as a conversation starter and especially so if you happen to be focused on offline dating. When you travel to an Asian country, go to a very crowded area and find someone that interests you. Simply step up to them and give them a nice compliment about what they’re wearing. You may even say you’d like to buy your sister or niece something similar so you could use their advice. Before you know it – you have won them over. When you prolong the conversation you may ask her for her number or ask her out right there.

Test Our Advice

Which compliments do you usually make(if any at all)? Which ones have worked for you and which ones haven’t? Whatever lines you feel are the most appropriate – make sure they are sincere and true so you come off as a great guy.

We hope this article was useful to you and come back for more Asian dating tips!