Getting a hot Russian woman to notice you can seem a bit difficult but it actually isn’t. Effort needs to be put into it but whatever you put in will eventually pay off when you finally have that Russian beauty in your arms. You can find someone who is completely into your personality, your sense of style and way of life. How do you accomplish this without coming on too strong? Here are 4 suggestions:

Option nr. 1: Look Good Russian woman

We realize this sounds very broad and also a little bit shallow but remember your goal is to attract attention. Most likely you are going for a classy chic Russian girl s well so this part is relevant. A typical Russian girl loves to dress up so she’ll expect her counterpart to look good as well. You can ask for advice from friends or even good clothing stores.

Option nr. 2: Project Confidence

This may sound a bit unusual because it entails that you are not going to give her all your attention.

Let’s say you see this amazingly beautiful Russian girl at a bar – you automatically think she is the girl of your dreams. You can show your interest with little hints like: the obvious one – buy her a drink, buy her friends a drink, chat with her for a little while, and then pay more attention to other people. This is a great idea because gorgeous Russian girls get hit on so much they get tired of it. This way you let her know you’re interested. She can have some space and feel comfortable enough to approach you.

Option nr. 3: Manliness

Russian women are typically very feminine and they love to express their femininity. This is an obvious hint that they are interested in masculinity in guys. So what do Russian women consider manly? Being a gentleman: opening doors, offering to drive her home or offering your jacked on a chilly evening. Also confidence and lots of it.

Option nr. 4: Deep Conversations

This is a great way to express that you’re interested in her as a person and your not in it only for her looks. Showing her this side of you will definitely get her to pay more attention to you. Understandably you want to impress her with all your accomplishments and successes in your life but focus on her as well. Ask her questions about her hobbies and interests.

TIP: What to avoid – anything about politics, religion or money.

Try These Out

Try these 4 tips out and see if they work for you. Log back on soon for more dating tips!