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The title may leave you with the impression that we are talking about languages like English, French, Chinese and so on. In actuality this post is about the languages of a relationship. There are languages that these ladies understand better than you. For example have a look at these 5:

1. Language of Service asian woman

Let us make clear that by service we don’t mean that the Asian woman you are dating is at your feet 24/7. We mean that she is caring and open to taking care of you and doing things that make you happy. In return you can show her how you care and doing little things around the house like getting her her dinner or a foot massage, carrying her bags, offering her your jacket when she’s cold and so on.

2. Language of Giving

All women love gifts and Asian women are no exception. They will not be asking for anything directly as some of their western counterparts may do because it’s not something that is embedded into their culture. They will wait for special occasions like anniversaries. We advise you that you get her small presents even if it isn’t an important anniversary. You can surprise her with chocolate any day of the week. Make her breakfast in bed or get her flowers. The options are limitless.

3. Language of Affirmation

By affirmation we mean emotional support and encouragement. Every woman loves the feeling of being emotionally supported. It can happen that men can just negate a woman’s feelings because they may not be as fine tuned into emotions as women are. If that is you then simply go against your nature every now and then and show her that your there for her emotionally. Listen to her problems and say you understand. Try to give your best advice.

4. Language of Quality Time

Another important language that needs to be practices and especially with long distance relationships – spending quality time together. By quality time we mean time spent engaged with one another. Perhaps a dinner date or a watching a nice movie at home on the couch, in each others arms. A walk in the park or a short vacation are also great ideas.

5. The Language of Touch

Everyone needs intimacy and physical contact. Surprise her with a hug or a kiss every now and then and it is always great to receive a kiss when you go to work or get home from work. Make sure that the presence of physical contact exists in your relationship. It’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

Do you speak these languages?

The language of the heart is something that most men aren’t interested in but that is exactly how to win over their dream Asian woman.