There are several countries in Asia that are a great idea for a visit. It often happens that people meet their significant other when on their travels. Sometimes they set out to meet that special person for the first time. When visiting Asia, it is important to be aware of several things you need to avoid in order not to embarrass yourself and to come across polite.

1. Not knowing how to use chopsticks visiting asia

If you go out for dinner and have to use chopsticks, try to keep in mind that you should never stick them in the food no matter what you’re eating: rice, dumplings, noodles or anything else. We bring this up because chopsticks sticking out like that look like incense offered to the dead in funeral practices. People in Asia are careful when it comes to death or the dead. And while we are discussing food – it is considered very rude to double dip.

2. Accepting compliments

In Asia, it is very customary to be humble when someone pays you a compliment instead of thanking them for it. If you are praised in Asia for a good job for example you are supposed to respond by saying that it wasn’t all that good and you say thank you to the person for paying the compliment despite the average job you did. Sounds unusual to our Western ears but saying “thank you so much” seems very cocky there. Be prepared for how tedious this can be, but do downplay the compliments you are offered.

3. Don’t point your finger

When you visit Asia for the first time ever, it makes sense to go looking for souvenirs. We offer a word of precaution – lots of Asian countries consider pointing very rude. If you must point at something you should use your thumb instead your index finger. Keep this in mind when you visit there because it shows respect which is highly valued in Asia.

4. When you enter someone’s home either take off your shoes or ask if you should

You’ve probably heard of this custom – there is no wearing shoes inside the house. Do not forget this tip. To the locals it would be like taking a bucket of mud and throwing it all over their living room floor. If you are unsure if you should take shoes off then ask someone. Generally, this is practised in Korea, Japan and a couple of other countries.

5. Keep physical contact with the opposite sex to the minimum

Let’s say you’re on a tour with someone special and you want to kiss them. Try to limit it to a minimum since most Asian countries are still very conservative with regards to public displays of affection. It may be okay to hold hands or kiss cheeks but anything beyond that will probably be offensive and especially so to the elderly. Remember – it is all about respect.

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These are only five of the things you need to remember not to do while visiting Asia. Do more research on your own and come back soon for more tips on Asian dating.