Thanks to great dating portals dating Asian women online has gotten much easier. Other than a free database of the women who are looking for love through the online world you also have access to paid services like romance tours and translation help. Thanks to the existence of these options, one can easily get lost in the hype. People often forget the following when dating Asian women online:


1. Do not be too aggressive.

Keep in mind that the Asian culture is much different from your own. When you come across too aggressive you may push her away. Don’t bombard her with messages. Don’t talk about almost getting into a fight with some guy at a bar. Watch what you say and how you say – try to make her feel comfortable.

2. Keep it simple.

It is likely that the women you engage with haven’t had a lot of opportunity to practice English so it would be a good idea to discuss general topics and use simple words. If you need to and your budget allows it you can use the translator services on the site and hire an interpreter.

3. Pick-up lines don’t work here.

Cheesy lines can make other women smile but Asian women expect something different. First of all they may not even fully understand what you are saying and they may also think it’s offensive. You need to speak to them with respect.

4. Have patience

Women from the Asian culture aren’t as open as women from yours. It takes a while to make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Expect them to be a little shy and be ready to wait until she feels at ease with you.

5. Don’t give out too much information

This is something you should always remember – when engaging with someone online don’t hand out all your information straight away. It should take some time for you to build up enough trust with someone. Naturally you should never give out your full address, bank details and so on. Protect yourself from being scammed.

6. Don’t send money.

This is the most important rule of all – do not send anyone you’ve met over the web any money. There are no exceptions. Even if you’ve been talking to someone for months and they tell you they have gotten into financial problems. If someone asks you for money you should report them to the dating portal you are on.

Remember these points!

These tips are meant to help you make a good impression when you’re dating Asian women online and also to keep you safe. The ideas are very basic but they’re easy to forget when you’re actively talking with someone you’re really attracted to.