date a Russian girl

Dating can be a very fun experience and especially so if you get to date a Russian girl. What is so special about it, you ask? Due to widely spread stereotypes many people may view them as ice queens but actually the opposite is true. We can come up with many reasons why dating a Russian girl is fun – this article details 7 reasons:

1. More Romance

You may not be aware of this but Russian girls are actually hopeless romantics. They will want to take long romantic walks on the promenade. Especially in the moonlight. Visit parks for picnics, go to the opera and so on. You may even have to step up your game to impress these girls. So if you love a challenge – dating a Russian girl is perfect for you.

2. A Chance to Show Off Chivalry

Russian women are used to being treated like princesses by their dads. So she will expect you to treat her the same way. Open the doors, let her walk on the safer side of the road, offer her your jacket at night and so on. It’s an opportunity for you to be a gentleman and show her you care.

3. Some Stereotypes are Real

We’ve all heard that Russian women are among the most beautiful on this earth. This is a stereotype with truth to it. You get to be the lucky guy that takes a woman like this out on a date. Lucky you!

4. Lots of Excitement

Russian women are energetic and unpredictable by nature. They are passionate and want excitement and adventure in their lives. She will keep you on your toes. It’s an opportunity for you to be creative and pull out all your stuff to impress her as best as you can.
Naturally it isn’t excitement 24/7. Sometimes it is nice to take time off and enjoy a good movie.

5. Looks aren’t All That Relevant

It is much more likely for Western girls to be concerned about the guy’s appearance. They may only talk to someone with a six-pack. Russian women care much more about what kind of a person you are and not what you look like.

6. Great Lovers

Another stereotype you’ve probably heard of and there is truth to this one as well. Once in a relationship they are very dedicated. They love to keep the relationship exciting and take care of your needs. Of course this only works if you both contribute to the relationship. Show her you love and respect her and enjoy an amazing time together.

7. They’re Straight Forward

Dating a Russian woman is fun because they make things simple. There will be no melodrama – if there is an issue she will be upfront about it. You won’t be spending countless hours trying to figure out that the problem is. She will respect you enough to step up and be ready to solve problems if they arise.

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