russian online dating

Having met the girl of your dreams through Russian online dating, perhaps you are wondering now how you could sustain the relationship online while you both deal with preparing for you to go over to Russia or her coming over to your country.

If you look at statistics figures, it is not unusual to find a huge percentage of married couples who have been at one point going through their relationship before their wedding while being far from each other.

Whether this means that the couple met and conducted their courtship online, or meet in person on holiday or a dating service and had to go back to their countries to arrange for the paperwork of being together, this just basically means that there is hope for long distance relationships to end happily.

Constant communication is essential.

Communicating constantly is essential to any relationship and even more so with Russian online dating since the aspect of being physically together is not yet there. Being in touch regularly will foster the feeling of closeness and being connected to each other.

These are factors that are essential to make the relationship work and weather through any crisis. Thankfully, technology is on the side of online couples everywhere in the world. There is no shortage of ways to communicate every day and on top of that, these methods of communication are not expensive.

Through a combination of emails, web cam chats, and virtual dates, there is no difficult in keeping in touch.

Set your expectations, boundaries, and goals with each other.

It is normal in any relationship to have some feelings of insecurity and jealousy. You might be wondering if there are any men in close proximity to your hot Russian girlfriend and if they like her as well. On the other hand, your girlfriend might be wondering just how special she is or if it’s really true that she’s the only girl in your life.

While these musings cannot be controlled, what’s under both your control is how you deal with these things together. Online couples who have successfully navigated the treacherous waters of long distance dating have found that setting expectations as well as clear boundaries for each other will limit the chances of having misunderstandings and quarrels over petty jealousies.

Since your common goal is to be eventually together and get married, it is quite reasonable to demand from each other to stick to certain boundaries especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

Have honest financial discussions.

One aspect of Russian online dating that has been gaining some shady reputation is the suspicions of some people that it has become a hotbed of scammers. While is not alright to be suspicious of your long distance girlfriend and think of her as a scammer (why would you be dating her then if she is?), you can weed off suspicions by having discussions of both your finances.

For example if she mentions that she went shopping, you can always ask what she bought, for how much, and for what reason. From this alone, you can already glean if your girlfriend knows how to manage her money well. This is important for you especially if you are just a regular guy who wouldn’t want to be surprised that his foreign wife is spending all his hard earned money.
Alex Vidal