Chinese Women

Alluring Chinese women have had an appeal for western men since very long. It stems from an inferiority complex (defeat in the First World War).

The Desires of Alluring Chinese

Chinese women want their men to be

  • Ambitious
  • Successful
  • Honest
  • Straightforward
  • Caring
  • Courteous
  • True to their word

They want their men to be ambitious but not rich. If a man aspires to move ahead in life and achieve more and more he is sure to strike a chord in the heart of a Chinese woman. Success does not mean money. To the Chinese women the mindset of the successful man is appealing because that mindset helped him to achieve success.

Honesty is the basis upon which stands any relationship. Same is the case in this relationship. Chinese women do not appreciate dishonesty or forgery. They want their men to be open and straightforward.

Love and affection should be shown by actions rather than words. The men who are courting Chinese women should show their affection towards their family. Filial piety is a very attractive virtue for the Chinese women.

Stand by your word no matter what you do. When you make a commitment stick to it. Always be courteous, and mind you courtesy cannot be feigned, it has to be developed with time.

Tendency to like foreign men

Chinese women have a vague concept about western culture and men. They believe that they are rich, well-built, cultured, courteous, and good natured. Recent studies indicate that Chinese women want to marry divorced men because they feel they will not be flirtatious towards other women. They want their men to be chivalrous but naughty both at the same time.

Solution to this dilemma

The Chinese women need to work towards social reforms, because they are the mothers of tomorrow. Surely something was lacking in the upbringing of the local men, which has led the women to look for love in other places.

The concepts of Chinese women are not based on reality. They should not live in the utopia and should see things as they are. Men shall be men, which ever race or region they may belong to. If American or European men were so ideal in their nature they would get suitors within their own countries. These men would not have to go looking elsewhere for the woman of their dreams.