So you are interested in dating Asian women but you don’t know much about the Asian dating culture. Well you have come to the right place in that case. This article offers explanations about some of the most typical myths and realities there are on this topic. You have gotten your previous information from tv, movies, anime shows and so forth. It is time you get quality information instead.

Myth no. 1 – Everyone knows some form of martial arts (kung fu, ju-jitsu, karate, judo, aikido, taekwondo etc.)

Asian datingUntrue. We have all seen commercials of the Chinese exercising together in parks. The Japanese doing their yoga and so on. That has lead us to think that this is something that occurs everywhere. That is a lifestyle for only a number of people. What is true about the Asian cultures is that people are very focused on eating healthy. There is no mad love for junk food as there is in the States and other Western countries.

Myth no. 2 – Asians are excellent in math, physics, chemistry and other hard subjects.

While it is true that Asians kick most everyone’s butt when it comes to international tests for school kids, we need to remember that lots of Asian countries are very poor and many people don’t have the luxury of attending school there. So the number of people who are great at these subjects cannot be huge. And it definitely isn’t everyone in Asia.

Myth no. 3 – Asians eat dog meat.

This has some truth to it. In some Asian countries, people really do eat dog meat. It is something difficult for westerners to comprehend but it makes sense there. Note that it doesn’t apply to everyone and you shouldn’t make gross generalizations like that. You may risk offending someone. You shouldn’t bring this up even as a joke. There are plenty of people who would find that offensive and Asians are all about respect. That is a generalization we can make because it is true.

Myth no. 4 – Boys are valued much more than girls.

That is partly true. For the still developing, far east, country side parts of it. Historically men have been more valued in most places in the world and lots of Asian countries still have that conservative side to them. In the recent decades things have started to change a bit. In places like Japan, the government has realized that they need more women to enter the workforce to help grow the economy. Not only that, more and more women are climbing higher on the corporate ladder as well. Also there are more and more women involved in government itself. We mustn’t forget that it is still a working progress in Asian cultures.