If you are interested in dating Asian women, it is important to have some knowledge of their culture. We mostly get out understanding of what any culture is like from the media. The media tends to generalize and not be an adequate source of information. Movies, tv shows are full of stereotypes. If you want to be a part of the Asian dating world, then this article works as a great starting point for gathering knowledge. Let’s take a look at what are some of the myths and realities of the Asian culture.

1. Asians are excellent students.

Asian datingThis is more of a reality than a myth. Education is a priority in most Asian countries and parents are very strict when it comes to homework. Even the numbers show that Asian students do best and most subjects. Especially the hard ones like math, physics, chemistry, and so on. There are, of course, exceptions as always. Not everyone focuses on school as much. Or gets to focus on it due to the tough economical situation of the household.

2. Asian dating mistake to avoid: bringing up dog food.

While it is true that in some Asian countries, people eat dog meat, and it may be difficult to understand for a foreigner. That, however, does not mean that everyone is interested in it. When you ask an Asian woman out, never should you suggest the first place for the date to be anywhere they serve dog meat. Neither should you bring the topic up when you are out on the date. You can risk offending someone.

3. Asians value boys more than girls.

Unfortunately, there is some truth to this. A lot of Asian countries are still developing. And throughout history, men have been the ones that bring home the bacon. Women are expected not to consider having a career or not even apply for work at all. In a lot of regions, women are seen as the caretakers of the family, the housekeepers of the home. Some of this mentality is changing, though. Especially in the big cities where both men and women work.