Online Dating System

People familiar with the online dating system know what catfish really means. Catfish is not something that has emerged recently but is known to people since a very long time. The term came into picture when the online dating system first emerged. Catfish is a term referring to a fraud that is mostly targeting to the people interested in online dating. Generally, the catfish scam finds its prey through social networks. These social networks include facebook, twitter or instagram. However, the ratio of the catfish scam is higher with people engaged in online dating via dating websites.

How Does It Work?

The catfish scam starts with a person making a fake account on any of the dating websites and putting up all the fake information about him. The person flares up all the information and there is nothing true in that. The main purpose behind a person becoming a part of this scam activity is basically blackmailing innocent people and asking them money. The catfish scammer gives all his wrong information and asks for your private information as soon as he becomes your friends through the social media or the dating website.

The Tactics

The main tactic used by the scammer in targeting a prey is putting up a fake display picture of a very gorgeous woman or an irresistibly handsome man. You will instantly get attracted to the profile (which is obviously fake) and the user will get you indulged in convincing conversations. You will be more interested in the face of the person you are talking to rather than checking out the truthfulness of his talks. You will fantasize about that beautiful creature and would want to keep the conversation going. She will send you some more fake pictures that are going to be gorgeous as hell and you will feel yourself head over heels in love with her. You will be more than willing to share all your private information with that person and then my friend, get ready to be blackmailed.


If you wish to not become a prey of such catfish scam, you need take a few precautions. First, do not get attracted to over the top beautiful display pictures. Second, try to initiate a webcam conversation with the person you are talking to. This way you will get to know that person is original or not? Tell the other person to meet you up so that you get to know that he is real.

All the best!