Interested in asking an Asian woman out on a date? Has she been raised in the West or does she live in an Asian country? This article focuses on the latter – asking out women who were raised in Asia. Taking them out and dating them successfully takes a whole different approach than with women from Western countries. Let’s see what works in the Asian dating market and what doesn’t. Here is a small list:

1. Friendship is hugely important.

Asian womanFriendships play a big role in the Asian dating scene since a lot of people play cupid for their friends. They set people they know up on blind dates, so networking is important there. It isn’t advisable to randomly walk up to someone and ask them out on a date – that rarely works. Most dates are set up by either friends of the family.

2. Common ground

When out on a date with an Asian woman, the first thing you want to do is to make her feel comfortable. Focus on finding common ground between you two, see if you like similar subjects. A good topic of discussion is always the person that set your date up. The keyword is “common”, be it common hobbies, goals or what have you.

3. Being Hard to Get

Interestingly enough, both men and women play hard to get in Asia. It is something truly cliche, but everyone enjoys the concept of being chased. When it comes to this matter, you may want to stick to the western traditions and be the one that does the chasing. Otherwise, getting somewhere on your dates will take forever.

4. Group Dates

As mentioned, it isn’t all that popular in Asia for guys to walk up to random girls and ask them out. A lot of the time people go out as a group first(group dates) and after they get to know someone they go out one on one. If you like someone, ask them and several of your mutual friends to go out for food or drinks. Go through a couple of dates like these and then ask your Asian woman out alone.