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Visiting Ukraine for the first time to meet that special  lady you have met online is basically the point that can make or break your relationship. What happens when you meet in person after a period of online correspondence will often be the determining factor whether she decides to date you or not. If you are good with words and have been able to charm her with your clever conversational skills during your online dates, you have to step up when dating her in person. Knowledge of Ukrainian women in dating is a big help for you.

What You Need To Think About If You Want To Date Ukrainian Women

Bring flowers to your date

While bringing flowers to a date is not quite the norm anymore in many Western countries unless it is a very special occasion, gifting a Ukrainian woman with flowers during a date is still the gold standard and will be very much appreciated. For the first date, giving a single rose is appropriate. If you meet your date at her family’s home, make sure to bring some flowers for her mother as well. Ensure that the flower stems are in the odd numbers; giving even numbered flowers is a Ukrainian custom to express condolences during funerals.

Take off your shoes at her home

When invited into her home, take off your shoes before entering. Ukrainians do not use shoes inside their homes to avoid bringing in outside dirt. Instead, they use slippers intended for indoor use. Most homes have extra pairs for guests to use but if your date’s household doesn’t have an extra pair, you can wear your socks inside. When choosing what clothes to wear for your date, don’t overlook your choice of socks then.

Dress for the occasion

Speaking of your choice of clothing, make sure that you are dressed well for your date. First impressions are important most especially since this will be the first time for her to see you in person. Business casual is appropriate for most dates, unless you are taking her to a very posh restaurant where you both have to dress in formal attire. In any case, dressing too casually is highly discouraged as this will give the impression that you don’t care for your appearance, or that you do not care for her enough to appear nice.

Offer your arm

Holding hands is a common and natural thing to do between couples but this custom is not widely practiced or accepted in Ukraine women culture. Instead, Ukrainian women will take the arm of their gentlemen dates as they walk side by side. Don’t forget as well to offer your arm whenever you cross the street and get on or off vehicles.

Pour drinks and don’t drink much

When you go out for dinner and drinks, pay attention to her glass and make sure that it is always full. Part of Ukraine women culture is that the men should always pour the drinks, and if you neglect to do this, she may think that you are lacking in table manners. Speaking of drinks, always practice self-control. Only consume the amount of alcoholic drinks that you can handle. Note that one reason why Ukrainian girls are looking for men from outside their country is the rampant alcoholism among the men in theirs. So, if you get drunk during your date, the chances of you looking like a desirable husband will go closer to zero.