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For most people, it might seem to take some time to find someone they like who likes them back when online dating. Sometimes though when it seems like the stars are really in your favor, there seems to be quite a handful of women who seem interested in you. In sites that specialize in dating Russian and Ukrainian women, this seems to be more of the rule than the exception. So, when you are corresponding with three or even more girls, how would you know if these beautiful Ukrainian women are really into you?

1. Be attentive.

First, you have to really develop the skill of being attentive. How else would you notice if someone likes you for real if you don’t know how to attentively observe? In online dating, you get to practice this trait by really reading what the other person is saying. The longer that you have been exchanging emails and chats with a woman, you will get to notice her pattern of speech. By then, you would know if she’s being serious, sarcastic, or joking. Even without emoticons.

2. Read between the lines.

As most men who have been dating or have been in a relationship know, women do not always communicate what they mean outright. Most girls, beautiful Ukrainian women included, often prefer to let men know what they want through signs or subtle hints. Men complain that women say one thing but really mean another. Men can complain all they want but this will remain true. So, if you want to know if a girl is really into you, learn to read between the lines as well.

Now that we have covered two ways that you can do to increase your chances of noticing if a girl is really into you, we move on to two things that can indicate a woman’s interest even if she doesn’t necessarily tell you the words outright.

1. She wants to know more about you.

If a girl is really interested in a guy romantically speaking, her curiosity about a guy and everything about him will know no bounds. If you notice that a girl is always asking how your day was, this means she is trying to imagine how it is to be with you on a daily basis. As your online friendship grows, she will ask a lot more questions about your background and your family. Ukrainian women are very family-oriented and will naturally want to know about your family if she sees that you have a future together.

Some guys can get cautious or suspicious about these questions and this is understandable in light of the dating scams that are happening. However, you can easily determine if the interest is genuine or if she’s just asking these questions as a “background check” for a possible scam. Scammers would often ask questions about your background that will give them a chance to either steal your identity or assess if you have material wealth that she can exploit.

2. She talks about the future.

Another way of knowing if a person is really into you is if your conversations include scenarios that happen in the future. Beautiful Ukrainian women won’t include you in her future plans if she is not interested in you. So, if a girl will talk about saving up so she can visit you soon, it’s a sure sign that she likes you back.