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There are many differences in European dating when compared to American dating. You may even be surprised at how someone from across the pond views dating. If you live in America and want to date European women or vice versa, then you need to know what those differences are so this article lists 4 key differences in dating in Europe vs. dating in America.

1. Who Pays For the Date?

In America, it is common that the guy pays every time. However, in Europe the couple usually splits the bill, or everyone pays for their own food. It is very unusual for the men to pay for everything since in Europe that is seen as the woman being very dependent. It is Why Online Datingokay to offer to pay some of the time but, in general, that kind of thinking is off-putting to most European women.

2. Dating Several People at the Same Time?

This is mostly acceptable in the States but not so in the Europe. There is an understanding that if you have gone out a couple of times then the dating becomes exclusive. In Europe, people think that meeting several people at the same time means you can’t be interested in only one person.

3. The Dating Game?

In the States, people are more okay with tons of flirting and acting like dating is a game. It is okay for people to flirt with you even if they aren’t interested in pursuing you. In Europe, however, flirting occurs naturally – when two people are attracted to each other. So when a European woman is interested in you, you will know it.

4. Ceremonial or Casual?

In the U.S. going on a first date, there is always so much effort people put in what they will wear and how they do their hair. They think ahead about what the will talk about on the date. In Europe, it is a lot more casual – almost like two buddies going out on a date. It is all about having a good time, so people are very laid back.

Ready for the Differences?

As you can see, many things are different about dating in Europe vs. dating in America. It isn’t the same for everyone of course but, in general, these rules apply.