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Having met the woman of your dreams through an European dating site, perhaps you’re wondering now how you could maintain the online relationship while you’re both dealing with preparing for you to go over to Europe or her coming over to your country. If you look at numbers, it is not unusual to find a big percentage of married couples who have been at one point going through their relationship before their wedding while being away from each other. It doesn’t matter whether the couple met and conducted their courtship online, or met personally on a holiday or through a dating agency and had to go back to their countries to arrange for the paperwork of being together, this just means that there is hope for long-distance relationships to work out.

It’s very important to be in constant contact.

Always communicating is essential to any relationship and even more so with an European dating site, since the aspect of being physically together is not yet possible. Calling and emailing regularly will make you feel more connected and closer. Feeling the connection and closeness is important for every relationship or marriage, they will make getting over difficult situations a lot easier and the relationship work better. Thankfully, modern technology is on the side of online couples across the world. There is no shortage of ways to communicate every day and on top of that, these methods of communication are not too pricey. Through a combination of virtual dates, emails and web cam chats that are available on any European dating site, there really is no difficulty in keeping in touch.

You need to set goals and boundaries with each other.

It’s normal to feel a bit insecure in a relationship. You may be wondering if there are any men near your beautiful European girlfriend and if they like her as well. At the same time, your other side might be wondering just how special she is or if it’s even true that it’s her who is the only woman in your life. It’s difficult to control the feelings of jealousy and insecurity but you can control the way you handle this together. Couples in online relationships have figured out a way to deal with the troubles of long distance dating: setting expectations and clear boundaries. This will eliminate the arguments and misunderstandings over unnecessary jealousy. Since your common goal is to be eventually together and get married, it is quite reasonable to demand from each other to stick to certain boundaries especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

Discuss matters of money honestly.

There are many stories around about the frauds and scams of online dating. To clear any suspicions regarding the possibility of a fraud, talk honestly about both of your finances. If you’ve been talking about your day and you know she went shopping, you could inquire what she found and how much it cost. From what she answers you can see if your girlfriend can manage her money. This is important for you, especially if you are just an average fellow who wouldn’t want to be surprised that his foreign wife is wasting all his hard earned cash.