Detect Russian dating scam

Russian women are famous for their beauty, and many men wish to date and marry them. There are different marriage bureaus which can offer you the opportunity to meet young and beautiful Russian women. However, many of these websites might provide false information and cheat you to steal your money. To be able to detect Russian dating scams and to be on the safe side, either you must choose 100 percent legitimate dating websites or you should follow the tips given below.

IP address

Mari El is the main source behind many of the Russian scams. There are other small sources as well such as Kazan and Lugansk. You can look up their IP addresses to make sure whether they are from Russia or some other place. If you don’t know how to check it, you must learn in order to detect Russian dating scams.

Another Way to Detect Scams

There is another way to verify whether it’s real or scam. Start with general conversation and ask her where she is from. Ask the same question after a few days. People tend to forget lies easily, therefore there is a big possibility she tells a different location the second time. If she does, she is a scam and you should be proud of yourself as you are able to detect Russian dating scams.

Starting Words of Scam Profiles

The second tip for detecting whether a profile is a scam or real is to check the title of profile. Most of the scam profiles start with phrases such as “I the cheerful women”, “I the social butterfly” or “To me of 23 years”. The “am” is usually omitted in such profiles.

Use Google to Identify

Enter a sentence from her profile into Google with quotation marks around it. If many results with different locations, name or even different pictures are returned, then it perceptibly is a scam.

Typical Scam Profile Descriptions

If the girl in her first letter says, “Russian men are drunkards” or “my husband is brutal and dishonest”, this definitely is a scam. These are cheap tactics to gain sympathy. One has to be very careful while choosing the website to interact with Russian Girls.

Don’t Believe Unless You Meet In-Person

Virtual world brings you many things which are proved to be the unrealistic and against the facts. If you meet a person online and you are convinced that he/she is very honest and trustworthy, even then you are suggested not to believe in 100% unless you meet in-person. Also there are many steps to be followed before you get involved in real with the person which include meeting his/her family members and friends as well as visiting her/his home personally.

Stay vigilant to avoid scams!