Beauty of the East

Eastern Europe encompasses a broad geographical area. Perhaps the large number of Eastern European supermodels on catwalks has created certain perceptions about the way Eastern European women look. In fact, there is incredible diversity in the appearances of Eastern European women. Some have almost Nordic features with blonde hair and blue eyes. Others are brown-eyed brunettes. The average height of women in Eastern Europe is 5”5 (165cm)  which is only slightly taller than the average American female. However, there are particular traits that exist across Eastern Europe which make the younger women quite appealing to western males.

Real Elements of Beauty of the East

Following are 3 basic elements of beauty of the East which refers to the women of Eastern Europe:

  • Slimness
  • Looking Feminine
  • Intelligence


Eastern European women tend to be slimmer than their western counterparts for a variety of cultural reasons. Eastern Europeans walk more simply because of the convenience. They are not yet locked into a reliance on cars and in many big cities, public transport is irregular. In addition, home cooked meals are still very much part of the tradition. Junk food restaurants exist but girls consume it far less than in the west. Both these factors have obvious benefits for women’s waistlines. It would be wrong to associate this slimness with fitness. Be warned – many girls also smoke as a weight management technique.

Looking Feminine

It isn’t men in Eastern Europe who dictate that women should look their best at all times but the women themselves. From an early age, grandmothers and mothers encourage girls to make the most of their appearance. Eastern European girls dress up and wear make-up even if only going out for a short time. Even in situations where it would be more practical to wear running shoes, they will often wear high heels. Few women will allow you to take a photo unless they are made up.

Eastern European women generally prefer to look as feminine as possible with long hair, well-groomed nails and flattering clothes. They spend many long hours primping and preening at the spa to look their best, however, they haven’t embraced plastic surgery as enthusiastically as women in Western Europe and parts of Asia. As Hollywood perceptions of beauty invade their culture, this is slowly changing. These women are also less likely to remove moles or small birthmarks. Seen as natural beauty marks, women may even emphasize them with make-up for effect.


Women in Eastern Europe are usually well educated with most speaking at least two languages Brains, combined with exceptional care about their appearance, creates the magic beauty formula that appeals to many Western men.

If you like your women to be low-maintenance and natural, this will be less common in Eastern Europe. If you like your ladies to be a beautiful accessory on your arm with the added bonus of intelligent conversation, you may find the love of your life in this part of the world.

Hence the blend of these elements in the form of Eastern European women brings the real Beauty of the East.

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