elegance of Russian women

Every country gives a special flavor and color to its women. The charm and elegance of Russian women is well-known in the whole world. Russian women are considered to be an object of national pride in Russia. It’s quite strange but true. They are being rated as the most attractive among whites with a blend of eastern and western features.

The desire of Russian women to look astonishing and attractive is a remarkable trait. They stay updated with the new ever-changing fashion trends and breath-taking styles of make-up. Beauty will save the world” is a most famous Russian quote by F. Dostoevski.

Physical Appearance

Russian women possess an amazing mixture of Eastern and Western beauty. Green/Blue/Brown eyes, high cheek bones, dark hair color and round face make the Russian women a desire for the men. The Russian women have pear-shaped body that is a worldwide beauty standard for women’s physique. It is because they exercise regularly. This trait of Russian women is very much feminine and makes them appealing for men.


Russians have a colorful dressing trend. They love fur coats that add in their sensational beauty. They have passion for colors, gold, silver and precious stones that give them very classic and elegant look.


Russian women have great bearing power. They are compromising. They are strong and forgiving. They struggle for their families and never leave their families alone. They like to be dependent on their men.


Perfect Mates with Perfect Traits

Legendary beauty, feminism and loving nature of Russian women are the qualities every man looks in his mate. Once a man meets a Russian girl, he will never settle down for anyone else. They have a concept of soul-mate in their minds. So, they love their husband sincerely.

They all possess the following traits:

  • Every Russian woman is talented in her own way. They stick to the traditional values of how a woman should be in her lifestyle. They love cooking, baking and raising a family. They can prove to be the best house wives.
  • The most precious thing a Russian woman has is “the mysterious Russian soul”.
  • Russian women are very compromising. They never rush to end up the relationships and marriages with divorce. They make every possible effort to maintain the relationship.
  • Russian women are not materialistic. Sincerity, kindness and loyalty are the qualities they want in their men. They are romantic and love their men who give them flowers and praise them with poetry.
  • Russian girls usually suffer from hardships in their lives due to economic and political factors so they are habitual to the hard life.
  • A dream of happy married life is the reason behind their compromising nature. Once a Russian girl fell in love with you, she will never give up on you.

While the western women reject their soft female nature and challenge their men, at the same time Russian women stick to their feminism and feel proud of it. They are very emotional and love to be loved.