Dating is very different in China and in Western countries. China is still very conservative when it comes to matters of the heart. It has hundreds of preserved tradition and it will follow these ways for a long time to come. If you are interested in dating a Chinese woman then you need to know some of the key differences that will help you be successful.

1. School Comes Before Dating

As you probably are aware, education is very highly valued in all Asian countries and China isn’t an exception to that rule. Most of the students will stay up late not for spending time with that special someone but to study for the next test. There isn’t enough time for dating. High school students resort to distant admiration and secret love but serious dating happens1405409593 only when they are finished with their studies.

2. Parents Play a Role

Western parents don’t meddle in their children’s personal life but Chinese parents are quite the opposite. They are more involved than you probably would like. If it happens that a parent or a grandparent doesn’t approve of the potential mate, continuing that relationship will be almost impossible. It will take a lot of time and effort to try to convince the guardians to change their mind.

3. Dating Can be Practical

In the West, people grow up seeing cartoons and movies that depict how people end up together – boy meets girl, they fall in love and get married. In China it can be very different because there are occasions where people start relationships for practical reasons. A Chinese couple may marry for stability – for example the man may have a home and a great job and the woman runs her own business. It isn’t always about love for these couples. It is the majority that will marry for practical reasons.

4. Intimacy Before Marriage?

Most Asian cultures are very conservative and so is China. Usually the couple gets intimate for the first time on their wedding night. If a couple practices intimacy before marriage and it comes out the couple will have to face serious consequences with both families. Mostly they keep it a secret.

The women view intimacy as a sign that the relationship is moving towards marriage and the men prefer to marry a woman who is a virgin.

5. The Pressure

On top of the pressure that most people experience throughout their high school and college days, another kind of pressure comes after acquiring an education and this pressure is finding someone to marry. The pressure comes from Chinese families that want the best for their loved ones. It is felt even more when a person passes the age of 27-30 without marrying.

Dating Culture in China

So how do you feel about Chinese dating? Isn’t it really different from Western dating? That is the reason why so many Chinese women go into online dating or move to an entirely different country in order to find a husband – a lot of them are trying to escape all the pressure from their culture and want to marry for love over practicality