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Want to date a gorgeous Russian woman? Sure, of course you want to. The thing is, do you have what it takes to impress a Russian girl? Because unless you do, the path that leads to a date with her can be long and filled with frustration. You don’t have to list all your accomplishments in your online dating profile or brag non-stop about your latest acquisitions. These will actually turn off your potential Russian dates, or that special Russian woman you have been eyeing for quite some time. Without further ado, here are five things that you can start with to impress her.

Gorgeous Russian Woman Will Consider Dating You If…

You are strong and confident.

Women like men who are strong and confident but this doesn’t mean that you have to brag all the time or just be plain arrogant. There are ways to project this image in a way that women will respond to better. For example, when you talk about your career or profession, no matter what position you hold in the company, talk about your specific job in a way that will show you have authority in that aspect of your life. Just by being decisive and taking the lead in your conversations will also show her your strength and confidence.

You acknowledge her strength and independence too.

While it is true that in Russian society, men are more dominant, this doesn’t mean that Russian women are weak and submissive. This just means that the gorgeous Russian woman who may seem so quiet and pliable at first glance may just have that special feminine strength that emanates from the inside. Russian women can hold their end in any argument, as they are well-educated and can be opinionated. Thus, it is best to show you respect her inner strength as much as she does yours.

You resurrect chivalry.

As much as Russia and her citizens want to open up to the modern world, it doesn’t mean that they turn their back on tradition. Russian ladies value their femininity and would appreciate if the men they’re dating will show the chivalrous attitude that men bestow on ladies. While sending her flowers or sending her thoughtful notes may seem weird and outdated to you, these are exactly the little things that will distinguish you as a gentleman if compared to her other suitors. If you are already meeting in person, the classics such as opening doors for her and letting her go first, as well as pulling out her chair before taking a seat yourself will impress her.

You spoil her with gifts.

Yes, jewelry and expensive trinkets do a lot to impress a girl. But you have to be more creative than that because a lot of other guys can give those things to her too. Make your gifts more personal by giving stuff that is within her interests and hobbies. Whether she likes travel, sports, or whatever her favorite activity is, you can give her something that she can use and think of you at the same time. By giving her personalized presents instead of generic gifts, she will surely be impressed.

You learn Russian.

Speaking of gifts and interests, there really is no other way to top off this list by showing her how interested you are in her and her culture by learning her language. Yes, impress that gorgeous Russian woman by learning to speak Russian. Whether you enroll in a class or just start slow with a few simple phrases you can pick up from her, she will appreciate your effort to know her and her culture better.

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