friend zone

By now, I am sure that you have heard someone, somewhere mention the dreaded ‘friendzone’. If you haven’t, then I am sure you will recognise the situation by its definition. The friendzone is defined as a metaphorical place where one member of the friendship has romantic intentions, but the other party does not reciprocate them. People say that someone is ‘put in the friendzone’ if their romantic advances are unrequited, but friendship is still desired. It is a typical scenario as old as time, and I am sure that most people can relate to the pain of being told: “ I just see you as more of a friend”.


friend zone

How to Stay Out of The Friendzone

So now we have established the definition of the friendzone as unrequited love in exchange for friendship, how can we do our best to negate this kind of scenario? There will be times when it is unavoidable, and no amount of strategic planning will change the fact what she is just not that into you. There are however steps you can take to avoid being cast out into the platonic stratosphere.

Balance and Patience Are The Key

People often say that the basis of a healthy and long lasting relationship is friendship and every time I see a new engagement announcement on Facebook, it is always accompanied by the quote “I’m so lucky to be marrying my best friend!”, So how do you strike a healthy balance between love and friendship? The answer lies with making your intentions clear from the start. That does not mean getting down on one knee within minutes or telling your potential love interest in excruciatingly eye-watering detail, what you want to do to them. It means identifying the key differences between a friendship and relationship and ensuring that you do not cross that boundary.

Be Bold and Make a Move

By all means, develop a friendship of sorts. But also keep an element of mystery to how much you divulge about yourself. Keep them guessing and don’t let them get complacent with your company. Be sure to flirt and pay compliments above and beyond what a friend would. Most of all, don’t be shy, to be honest about your feelings. Keep your potential partner consistently aware that you are romantically interested and that although you understand the importance of friendship, you are not afraid to make a move.