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Every culture has their own interesting superstitions revolving around love and marriage. This article focuses on women from Poland and Polish superstitions. There are beliefs like when to marry, wishing on stars and so on. Here are some weird but fun Polish superstitions that you may find interesting.

1. Chimney wishing

Polish superstitionsIn the West it is very common to make wishes on shooting stars, birthday candles and wishing wells. In Poland, there is a fun wishing method that is very unique. Over there, instead of staring at the nigh sky, you look around for a chimney sweeper. Legend states that if you see one, you are supposed to grab a button(either on your person or on a friend), hold onto it until you see someone who is wearing glasses and then make your wish. The wish is guaranteed to come true and you are blessed with good luck for the rest of the day.

2. Dogs and Geese

This superstition revolves around St. Andrew’s eve. It consists of two versions of the very same belief that animals and birds are able to determine who gets married next. The story goes that the first person who is approached by the bird or animal will be next in line down the aisle. The first version is done with dogs. Every woman makes a cookie or a small cupcake and they are all set in a row. A dog will be released from a fixed point and the maker of the first treat the dog approaches is the chosen one. The goose version is simpler: blindfold a goose, form a circle, release the goose in the middle of the circle and the woman approached first is the next bride.

Lace, Leaf and Hat

This is a fun superstition that is said to determine who will get married, who will be a spinster and who will become a nun. An older woman in the household(your mom, aunt or grandmother), places three items under three plates or bowls. The items are a rue leaf, a piece of lace and a soft hat(it can be anything: a shower cap, bouffant or a swimming cap). The plates will be arranged on a table and then single young ladies will pick one of the plates. It is believed that if she chooses the hat plate, she will marry soon. If she chooses the rue plate, she will be a spinster. If the young Polish woman picks the lace plate she will soon enter a convent.