differences between offline and online dating

One cannot pass a verdict on which type of dating is better, either online or offline. When you sign-up on an online dating website, it does not mean that you no longer have the chance to meet someone the traditional way. On the contrary, dating offline does not mean, you should not give a chance to online dating. In-fact, it’s better to do both simultaneously. It gives you a better chance for finding someone special. In this article we will discuss fundamental differences between offline and online dating.

What are the differences between offline and online dating?

No doubt online dating has changed the procedure of dating for millions of people around the globe. With the increased number of dating sites, online dating has become a mainstream procedure.

Some Pros and Cons of Online and Offline Dating, are Given Below:

Advantages of Online Dating

  • More than 40 million singles in America are using or have tried different online dating websites.
  • The ratio of relationships starting from online sites is one out of five.
  • An important difference between online and offline dating is that you can go out of the box. Online dating gives you a chance to meet someone outside of not only your social circle but also your geographical area. However offline dating doesn’t give you this opportunity.
  • You don’t have to compromise on your schedule. Online dating is available 24/7 and it is efficient.
  • There are many websites which help you to find your soul mate. They may link you to many people sharing common interests with you.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

  • Since it is a jam-packed digital marketplace, at times it can be very tiring.
  • It’s hard to find truthful people. Many tend to lie about their age, income, marital status, weight, etc.
  • Many singles specify unrealistic criteria and miss the chances to meet someone reliable.

Advantages of Offline Dating

One major difference between online dating and offline dating is that online dating doesn’t allow you to know the secrets of your virtual partner. However in offline dating it is easy to look for thing which looks mysterious. You no longer have to worry about false claims. A person cannot lie about different aspects such as age, height, etc. You can date multiple people, and make new friends.

Disadvantages of Offline Dating

You might not be sure about their relationship status. Since you would be limited to your specific social circle, you would meet less people. You also limit yourself to one specific area. As singles are shy, they might not propose you, despite of the obvious reasons.

In the end, if you are serious about finding someone special, it’s important that you include the combination of both offline and online dating in your routine. The goal of online dating is to take your relationship offline.