Russian women focus on a lot of interesting things when it comes to dating. It isn’t necessarily that important to know what all of them are, but some of them should be kept in mind. That is if you are serious about dating these ladies and want to impress them. The article at hand lists some of the things Russian women think of dating.

1. Looking for signs of commitment.

Russian womenNaturally it depends on any particular woman is looking for. Research has shown that the majority of people who haves signed up with an online dating site are looking for a long-term relationship so we will base our arguments on that. Russian women first check how ready the guy seems to be to commit. These ladies want to get married in the end so figure out where you are with this matter.

2. Feeling the need to look their best.

Russian women dress up even if they’re only going to the supermarket. They want to look their best always and expect you to notice it. Sincere compliments are expected and welcome. Expressing your appreciation can be shown through bringing her flowers on your dates.

3. Exclusivity.

Russian women have this idea that even if you have just started going out or are merely casually dating at first – you are exclusively dating. There are no dating several people at the time, even if you are used to it and no one gets hurt in the process. That is a no go with Russian ladies.

4. Being treated like a princess.

These women grew up as daddy’s little princess and this tradition is supposed to continue when they start dating. The whole concept of chivalry is alive and well in the Russian dating culture. You are expected to open doors for her, help her to her seat in restaurants, pay for dates and so on.


Dating Russian women is a lot of fun and all the easier if you have an understanding of how they view it. Learn as much as you can about them and enjoy your dating.