hot Russian women


In a perfect world, the women members of online dating sites or those represented by marriage agencies should have the same objective as you do for joining, which is to find a partner who you will hopefully have a lasting and loving relationship. Sadly, our world is far from perfect. Yes, hot Russian women who want to play the role of a loving wife and have the same goal of a happy family life as you do exist. Yes, online dating sites and marriage agencies that specialize in matching Russian women with men overseas do what they can to facilitate such a union. However, for every nice Russian bride to be and honest agency, there are Russian girls and often in collaboration with a dishonest marriage site that lure men in to milk them out of their money and leave them nothing but a broken heart and empty pockets.

To protect yourself and your sanity, you have to know how these nefarious individuals go about with their schemes so that you would know if the hot Russian women you meet are for real or are just using you. Here are some of the three ways that more often than not indicate that a scam instead of a love match is going on:

1. She has a sick relative.

Usually it is cancer or some ailment that is expensive to treat that ails a family member. Or that her brother or a close cousin got into a vehicular accident and needs treatment immediately. Whatever the supposed illness, it requires a lot of money to take care of and she would use this sob story to pull on your heartstrings. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to send money to her because at the very least, you are not married to her yet. Besides, she might be asking other guys the same thing too.

2. Financial incapacity to travel.

After a period of online and telephone communication, it is but natural for the two of you to plan to meet in person. This is also another opportunity that schemers use to conduct their scams, using hot Russian women who want to visit you to supposedly get to know you better in person as bait. The thing is, she will claim that she needs partial or full financial assistance to travel. After sending the money for plane tickets, visa, and other travel expenses, they will of course disappear. This doesn’t mean that you should treat all such cases as scams. As we all know, some of these girls do have financial difficulties and cannot travel. What you can do is offer to buy the tickets yourself. Or better yet, offer that you would visit her instead.

3. Conducting the scam when you visit.

While scammers are often quick to find their window of opportunity, there are those who have a bit more patience and bide their time. Examples are hot Russian women who conduct the scam when you are going to visit. Some will be in connivance with a travel agency or hotel that will overcharge you for their services, then take your money, and disappear with it. Another scenario would be where she uses the full power of her charms when you visit and make you spend for her on extravagant shopping trips or ask for money outright. To protect yourself, it is best if you make your own travel arrangements prior to meeting her.


Alex Vidal