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For quite some time you’ve probably been mulling over dating Russian women and have now finally decided to go for it. There are two ways to meet Russian women – online and in person. The latter option may be the most ideal one for most but it’s probably not available at the moment. To do so, you either have to fly to Russia for a holiday there with the sole purpose of dating, or to hang out more in places in your city where there is a large concentration of Russian immigrants.

What To Do When You Meet Russian Women

If these options are not available for you right now, meeting them online is the most convenient and can perhaps be more sensible instead of flying off to Russia without knowing anyone there. There are a lot of international dating sites out there right now and a lot of these specialize in online dating with Russian girls.

When you meet Russian women, or any other potential girlfriend or partner for that matter, you naturally want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression. There are some basic ways to do so, and it doesn’t matter if you are meeting them in person or online.

1. Exude confidence.

Most girls, especially those from Russia, find confidence very attractive in a man. Russian girls are naturally confident. They know that they are appealing to men worldwide and are very in demand as dates. Thus, you have to meet them at the same confidence level so that she will respect you. When meeting online, try to sound more positive and upbeat especially when you are exchanging details about your day or about your life in general. Know that there is a fine line that separates confidence and arrogance, wherein the latter must be avoided as it is a major turn off. When you finally meet in person, confidence is manifested by a well-groomed appearance and body language such as making eye contact when engaging in conversation.

2. Have some manly skills.

Russian women are also impressed by men who possess so-called manly skills such as knowing how to fix their car, do some woodworking, home maintenance, and other such manly practical stuff. If you aren’t so inclined in these pursuits, it doesn’t make you less of a man though. Basically what lies behind these skills are the qualities of being a capable person. Thus, you can still show how capable you are when you meet Russian women by being in a fulfilling profession that you love (and can talk to her about), or just by simply being in charge when you are out on a date such as planning it, knowing what is best to order for meal and drinks, and making sure that she is entertained and having a great time with you.

3. Let her know you have a soft side.

Even with the most macho of men, women would still expect them to possess a soft side. What does this mean and how do you show it? Basically this means that with all your accomplishments, confidence, and capable attitude, you have the sensitivity required to be a nice human being. These can be indicated when you show that you care for your family and protective of your friends. When you meet Russian women, you will find out how family-oriented you are and this is a trait that they want their partner to have as well.

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