In order to effectively communicate with a woman, you must be able to think like a woman. While bragging about past sexual conquests and reminiscing about your glory days as a high-school quarterback may be a fine way to entertain your male friends, it won’t get you very far with the ladies.

communicate with woman

Women are emotional beings, therefore it is a good idea to limit your conversation to topics that will illicit an emotional response. This is why, when you ask a woman about her kids, she will talk for hours on end while a man will simply grunt and say, “The kids? They’re fine”. Family is always a good topic of conversation. Talking about family is also a good way to gauge a woman’s moral integrity; if she speaks disrespectfully about a family member, the odds are that she won’t be very respectful towards you.

Most men know that it is always a good idea to compliment a woman; however, most men are very unoriginal in their compliments. When you say to a woman, “Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful eyes?” keep in mind that women hear this compliment all the time. You are definitely not going to win any awards for originality. If you’re going to compliment a woman, at least pick a part of the body other than the eyes or lips. In fact, if you really want to impress a woman, don’t compliment her body at all. Compliment her intelligence, charm, or charisma.

Women are thinkers and they also have a curious streak. For this reason, it is always better to be a little vague about your life, your interests, or your profession. Be mysterious. Appeal to their curious side. Once you plant the seed of interest in their minds, they will hunger to find out more about you.

Not all communication is verbal. Body language and eye contact are also important elements of communication. Women like men who are confident, but not arrogant. Women aren’t impressed by men who strut around like turkeys. Just because it may work for Mick Jagger does not mean it will work for you. When talking to a woman, maintain eye contact, and (for the love of God) keep your eyes above her shoulders. Yes, all men enjoy breasts, but trust me when I say that she doesn’t have anything down her shirt that you haven’t seen before.

Communicating with women is just one part of the game of seduction. Seducing a woman isn’t like driving a race car; there’s no need to go full throttle and full speed ahead. There are times to be bold, but there are also times to be subtle. Men who are too aggressive in their pursuit of women will usually not get very far, and men who are too timid and too introverted will often get passed over. Nice guys may finish last, but jerks usually finish next to last. A man who knows how to treat women with respect will always win in the end.