pretty Russian women

One of the things that you’d notice when you sign up on international online dating websites is that there seems to be no shortage of pretty Russian women. If normally the ladies you date are not that stunning, you might think that these Russian girls might be way out of your league. Not everyone gets to date someone who looks like a fashion model, right? However, it is high time to let go of the notion that gorgeous beauties would have nothing to do with average looking guys.

As there are a lot of Russian girls on these online dating sites, the probability that a number of them will be interested in dating you is very likely. On the other hand, you will also see a lot of profiles that looks interesting to you. Whether you or the girl initiates the correspondence, here are three things to keep in mind when you start to date pretty Russian women online.

1. Refrain from putting her on a pedestal.

Most people put a lot of importance in physical attractiveness especially in the dating scene. With these pretty Russian women, sometimes you can’t help but think of them as up there and out of reach just because they’re incredibly gorgeous. If any one of them shows interest, you might probably think of this as nothing short of a miracle. Instead of doing so, you might want to consider that she might be tired of hearing how beautiful she is and would want that men see her as more than a pretty face.

2. Don’t show that you’re intimidated.

When you date pretty Russian women, show some confidence and take the lead. These are ladies who are confident of their qualities and abilities. Often they will find people who are equally confident very attractive. Even if she was attracted to you at first but you keep on showing how intimidated you are by her looks, she will eventually find this attitude boring and get tired of you. Don’t waste this opportunity in having a beautiful partner just because the thought of this happening looks like something out of your wildest dreams.

3. Avoid being too self-deprecating.

Sometimes men who don’t think of themselves as being that physically attractive will try to compensate. Since they can’t be the handsome guy, they’ll gladly go under the label of being the funny guy instead. Yes, women do like funny men but if you keep on using self-deprecating humor, this can be tiring to her in the long run. She will think eventually that maybe you are using humor to mask your insecurities about being not as attractive as her. Some women do find this flattering but in the long run, it gets to tiring having to constantly reassure their guy that their attraction is real.

In an ideal relationship, the couple will aim to cultivate equality. There is more to a person than their physical appearance. It is true that this is the first thing that people notice and are attracted to, most especially with pretty Russian women. However, relationships that endure and last in the long term do so because of the other qualities that the couple has. Each person has their own strengths that they can bring in and support each other. If you want that the dating status you have with a Russian girl will evolve into something more permanent, you better keep this in mind.
Alex Vidal