russian women

Are you looking for a foreign wife? As you may know by now, Russian women are the hottest prospects. They’re glamorous and sexy, yet still have the desirable qualities of wanting to serve her man and take care of him.

However, you may have heard stories of scammers who are out to get their suitors’ money or use them to move to a better country. Some are not outright scammers in that sense. They may play along and make you think that they also want the same goal of marriage. But in reality they just want to play around, get showered with attention and gifts, go to all expenses paid vacations, and experience a lavish lifestyle. Scammers or not, these girls often move fast from one suitor to another.

This is no problem, with the latter type at least, if you are just looking for someone to date for the meantime or a female companion to make you less lonely in your travels. But if you are really looking for a wife to settle down with, playing along with such kind of Russian women is just a waste of your time. While open to online dating at first, your goal is to find a wife so you want to make sure that you are not wasting your time courting someone who has no plans of getting married too.

Far be it from telling you to stop looking for your Russian bride online or being suspicious of all Russian women, the point here is to be cautious as you go along. The dating world is basically the same whether online or offline, whether you are dating Russian women or women from your own country. Practice common sense and don’t let infatuation get the better of your judgment.

Here are some simple things to keep in mind as you look for the bride of your dreams online:

1. Don’t waste time with women whose profiles indicate that they are married. Even those that say they are separated or divorced may be a pitfall. Stick to single girls who have never been married. But still keep your eyes peeled for any indication that she may be lying about her single status.

2. In the beginning, befriend or court several girls. Having several options is better than putting all your effort in one person only to find out that you will not end up with her. As you talk to these girls, identify the one who is serious about having a relationship with you. Is there chemistry? Does she picture herself being with you in the future? Does she take being a wife seriously? Does her words and attitude indicate that she is family oriented?

3. Find out as well if she can she commit to a definite date of meeting you. While it is better to take some time to get to know each other by chat and email, do not let this stage drag on. There has to be a date in the near future when you can meet and re-assess if the attraction that you have online is the same in real life.

4. Keep a record of emails and chats to see if there are inconsistencies with what she said and what you observe when you meet her. Also, do not send money no matter what especially if you haven’t met yet!
Alex Vidal