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In an ideal world, your experience with using an international dating website would look like this:

You sign up. You explore the site and view some profiles. You find someone you like (or she finds your profile). You start a wonderful correspondence.
You get to know each other as online messages, emails, or letters become regular. You take the correspondence further by speaking on the phone, or having webcam chats. You agree later on to meet in person. You meet in person and like each other even more. You decide to take the relationship really seriously, or even end up getting married.

All You Have To Know About International Dating Website You Are Using

In an ideal world, all men and women who are using an international dating website to look for their life partners will have a similar path as the one just described above that leads to the desired happy ending.

The real world begs to differ though. Although there are indeed hundreds, if not thousands, of couples over the years that have their happy ending, unfortunately there are some who are left with bad experiences where heartbreak and heartaches were the outcome. In some cases, it’s worse – you find out that you were corresponding with a scammer.

While you have no total control on preventing scammers from reaching you, there are things that you can do to highly minimize the chances of being victimized. To begin with, you have to familiarize yourself with the different types of scams out there. This will make it easy for you to identify if someone is genuinely interested in dating you or is just scoping you out as a potential victim. The most common scenarios used to dupe people to part with their money are requests for money for procuring a visa, plane ticket expenses, unexpected travel expenses while en route to meeting you, medicine for sick family members, emergency hospitalization because of an accident, or a combination of any of these reasons.

These girls (or men pretending to be girls) do not ask for your money outright in order to avoid you getting suspicious. They will of course “seduce” you and make you trust them. But no matter how good they are, there are still telltale signs that you can watch out for. The top telltale sign would be her telling you right away that she has become madly in love with you even if you have just been corresponding for a month or two. Another is that “she” avoids corresponding on the phone or does not want to video chat.

On an international dating website, you should also avoid people whose profiles do not show clear photos or are of low quality. If you ask for more recent photos, she will always give an excuse as to why she can’t send you her latest or clearer photos. This is not to say that those with clear photos cannot be scammers either. In some cases, they use photos of models or lesser-known actresses. Clear photo or not, you can try running her photos through Google’s image search to see if the photos are really hers or if she just knicked it from other sources online.

Just Be Aware

Being aware of possible scams in an international dating website doesn’t mean that you should be suspicious of everyone that you get in contact with. In every dating situation, some degree of trust is given and expected, so just keep these tips at the back of your mind and never send money to anyone you haven’t met in person.

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