Impact of Online Dating

Dating is a concept as old as time itself, though it always existed but in different forms. In this day and age the most common form is online dating. Internet today is our friend, companion and even our soul mate. So keeping the flow of events in our mind it was but quite natural for the modern man to turn towards internet for his sexual and emotional needs.

Minimal commitment maximal pleasure

The first reason people become inclined towards online dating is that they want to have the least amount of or no responsibility whatsoever when they are looking for their “soulmate”. However, they want to derive the utmost pleasure from it.

People start living in the virtual world

People become handicapped and unable to face real romantic situations. When you look at the impact of online dating, it also has a negative impact on the ability to commit. People feel they have many more options even if a relationship ends and therefore don’t make many efforts to make it work. It has led people all over the world to become more demanding and never appreciative of what they receive. They don’t feel even a bit of remorse when a “relationship” ends.

Dissatisfaction is the Widespread Feeling

Love and sex; freedom and commitment are conflicting concepts. The desire for all of these at one and the same time leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction even after getting what you wanted.

Lack of Honesty and Integrity

Active participation in the virtual world has led up to Breaking up of more homes and relationships in the real life. Society seems to be decaying morally. Along with all this inter racial marriages are on the rise. Gays are beginning to be accepted by the society. People have become more picky and fussy in looking for their partners, be it for love, sex or even companionship.

Stable relationships are very rare and people who are using these sites are sure that they could always meet someone maybe within the next few minutes so they don’t make efforts to hold onto a relationship. These sites have also played a role in increasing the rate of infidelity all over the world. The reason for this could be that they know they are only a click away from adding some more spice into their lives.

We are Becoming Less Social

Despite the tag line of “social” networks people have become less social in the real world and only active in the virtual world.

More in control but also more exposed

People apparently are more in control about whom they want to date and who they want to sever ties with. On the other hand they are exposed to fakes, impersonators and even criminals who could take advantage of them or even hurt them emotionally, economically or physically.

Taboo subjects have become acceptable

The stigma attached with internet dating is now lessening; people are more open to admit that they have indulged in internet dating. Societies are becoming more ethnically diverse. Long term relations are becoming rarer by the day.

Some good has been achieved by those who have no resources or contacts to build relations. A positive effect is that people who want their soul mate to belong to a different culture or region have many opportunities to fulfill their heart’s desire.

No matter what form internet dating takes in the future but one goal should be kept in mind that is, security. Some sort of mechanism should be definitely developed to screen the users of online dating sites so that impersonators can be discouraged from using them.