International dating tips

When it comes to international dating, most foreign women are very specific about the kind of guys they want to date. While there are many different things which could be a turn off for most ladies, these types of guys are certain to prove a girl he’s not ready for marriage yet.

1. The College Boy

The college boy type of guy is absolutely crazy about computer and video games. He’s a huge fan of beer bong and other drinking games and he doesn’t take anything seriously. He gets fired every two or three months and has no ambitions of getting a better job than working at a car wash. Although it could be fun hanging out with this guy for a little while, there is no future with him since he has no intentions of growing up.

2. The Womaniser

It’s certainly true that most women won’t mind when their partner makes a compliment to a beautiful woman as there’s nothing wrong with admiring beauty. However, noticing it and trying to undress a woman with your eyes are two completely different things. A guy who is chasing after every woman who walks past him only makes his date feel inadequate. Women can’t stand fighting for attention and his rude comments will soon drive her away to look for someone better.

International Dating

3. Mr. Rich/Poor

Women usually try to avoid men who are obsessed with money, regardless whether they have a lot of it or none at all. Flaunting your wealth is in no way better from bringing your date to the cheapest restaurant in the area or driving around for half an hour to avoid paying for parking. Your first few dates should be about getting to know each other better and not discussing your financial situations. There’s nothing wrong with buying things if you can afford to or saving every penny if you can’t, but don’t let this topic consume your entire date.

4. The Tech Man

The tech guy always has to have the latest edition of each new technical gadget. Be it a new iPhone, iPad or car, he will spend all his time looking for the best deal. With all this to keep up with, a woman might wonder if he will ever have time to spend with her. Even worse, she could end up being replaced by someone fresher and newer too. Women’t don’t like competition, especially when it comes to competing with technical things, so she will soon move on to someone who has time for her.

5. The Man Child

Considering the difficult economical situation these days, there’s nothing wrong with still living with your parents when you’re 25, but a man who depends on his family to take care of him shows signals of trouble. If his mother is still cooking, cleaning and doing his laundry for him, no woman will want to date him and risk taking over the job. Most women are looking for someone to start a family with and not a grown “child” to take care of.

Even if you do fall into one (or many) of these categories, you don’t have to worry. You could still meet a gorgeous woman who’s just as interested in technology as you are or someone who enjoys taking care of his partner. Nevertheless, most women will take this as a sign that a man is not ready for a serious commitment yet. It doesn’t mean that all of these men are not good enough, they just need to reevaluate their priorities if they want to find true love.