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Judging by the number of men looking into them in online dating sites, having a Russian partner could easily top the list of dream partners that men have, if there is ever such a list. However, not everyone who would want a Russian partner follows through with their dream. This is just so sad because there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of potential partners out there that one can end up with. What could be the reason why some men would just be content with having that on their wish list and not pushing through?

Real Conditions You Must Meet To Have A Russian Partner

A reason for this could be the myths that are floating around with regards to Russian women. One of these myths is that Russian girls will only marry men who are extremely wealthy. Photos of wealthy men, whether young or old, on their yachts and their Russian wives hooked to their sides are now common. Russian women also look like they prefer a flashy and opulent lifestyle as they look like they enjoy being dressed in furs and having all that nice jewelry. Of course there are people who live like that in their daily lives. However, the reality is that they are just the minority.

On the average, ordinary working men have as much chance of getting a Russian partner as their extremely wealthy counterparts. The key here is that they have work. Extreme wealth is not a prerequisite but having a stable income is. Women, Russian or not, want to have a partner who can provide for them throughout their life. At the very least, being financially stable is necessary for all the expenses associated with the paperwork in getting your Russian girlfriend to come over to your country, or for you to come go get her in Russia. And that is just the beginning, as you will also have to spend for your life together.

This is not to say that Russian women are materialistic and lazy, that all they know is to spend the money that their husbands have worked so hard for. In fact, most of the women that one would meet on online dating sites have their own careers and are professionals in their own right. However, they are not averse to sticking to traditional roles once they get married. This means that if you prefer that you be the sole provider for your family and your wife should stay at home to take care of the house and kids, a Russian wife will, in most cases, not object to that arrangement. She will welcome this since she sees the importance of being a strong partner to her husband at home.

Having this kind of arrangement with your Russian partner will only be possible if you are financially stable. You will never be able to provide for a wife, whether she is from Russia, from your country, or from any part of the world, if you do not have a stable income. Thus, from the perspective of a woman who is looking for a husband, this is not about being materialistic or being out to get a guy’s money, but on the contrary, this is about being practical for their future as a family, especially if they want to have children later on.

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