There are many websites offering to help you find mail order brides overseas. Some of these are legitimate, but there are also scam companies which cannot offer what they promise. Fortunately, there are easy ways to identify these organizations.

Money, Money and Money

Legitimate dating websites will have upfront fees. There won’t be a barrage of extra charges after you sign up. If you are being charged to write letters, receive letters, view each profile and chat online, with new charges appearing weekly, the company is a scam. The women involved are possibly being paid a percentage cut to write and chat to you. Your chances of finding a genuine date are slim.

Similarly, if women from a dating site start to ask for money, you should be suspicious. Money for sick family members, visas and airfares are common stories. Unless you have met your date face to face and you are certain of her integrity, money should never change hands.


Many companies have testimonials on their websites telling you about successful couples. You have no way to assess whether or not these stories are true. Go to forums where men who have married women through dating sites discuss their experiences. They will be able to direct you to legitimate companies.


A legitimate organization will be properly registered with a company email and a verifiable street address. If a company uses free email addresses such as yahoo, gmail or hotmail, it can be difficult to identify and trace if there is a problem.

They All Love You

It is a big commitment for a woman to leave her family and move to a strange country where she will face difficulties with language and culture. Not every woman in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China or Vietnam is desperate to marry a foreigner. A legitimate website will not exaggerate your chances of finding a suitable lady.

In most cases, it is realistic for ladies 15 years younger than you to be interested. However, if you are 60 years old and dozens of model-like 20 year olds write to profess their undying love, you know this is a scam. Women in your home country do not usually claim to love men they have never met. This is even more unlikely to happen in more traditional countries.

Stay in Control

It is possible to find your soul mate on a legitimate dating site. Do your research so that your heart and bank account will not be damaged by unscrupulous scammers.