The best way to make a good impression on a woman from any culture is to be an honest, sincere, interesting person. It doesn’t matter if you are a little shy, but having a range of interests and topics to discuss definitely helps to make a first date less awkward and allows you to make a better impression.

It is also important not to appear too desperate. You wouldn’t tell a woman in your home country that you loved her on a first date and this certainly should not be the case in Russia. Be natural, try to relax and be genuinely interested in your date.

Your date may be able to speak English but she may not be native level. Put a Russian dictionary app on your phone to help if there is a communication breakdown. Your date will  be pleased with your efforts.  Make sure that you know a little about Russia and its culture as well as learning a few basic words such as please and thank you. This will convince your date that you are genuinely interested in her country.


Russian ladies are very conscious about their appearance. They spend a long time putting on make-up and choosing clothes to go out. Compliment your date on such things as her hairstyle, taste in clothes or color of her handbag. Do not comment on body features as that would be considered too personal for a first date.

Show your consideration and forethought by bringing a small gift such as a flower or a box of chocolates. This shouldn’t be too expensive. It is simply a way to let her know that this date is important to you.

Be a Gentleman

Russian ladies like their men to be gallant. Opening doors, pulling out chairs and refilling her glass are all small gestures that your date will appreciate. Don’t be boastful or dominate the conversation. Ask your date about herself and show that you are genuinely interested. Make sure that you get the bill for dinner, buy tickets and pay for everything on the date. Your date isn’t taking advantage of your generosity. This is the custom in Russia.

Family Talk

Family is very important to Russian ladies. Even in these more modern times, women are mostly responsible for taking care of the home and children. Bring some photos of your own family and let her see that family life is important to you. You might also wish to show her some pictures of your home town. Many Russian ladies have unrealistic impressions of life in other countries and this will give her a chance to ask questions and clarify her ideas.

A first date is a chance for both of you to learn more about each other and see if you have a connection. Be honest. Don’t boast or exaggerate. Let the lady see who you really are and allow her to draw her own conclusions. If you follow these simple rules, you will almost certainly have a second date.