Building a great online dating profile is no easy task. You’ve probably pondered how to do it and that has brought you here.

That’s why it’s time for somebody to give it to you straight up. You are not alone in this, plenty of guys are scratching their head and trying to figure out what could be wrong with their profile. They are wondering how come the accounts don’t get a lot of hits. We’ll answer that as well as give you a few tips on ways to improve your online dating profile and, at the same time, attract the kind of women that you want.

European women

“I’m not looking for something long-term”

Stats shows that most European ladies sign up with online dating portals for two reasons: long-term relationships and marriage. This may surprise you but the majority of women in these countries are still kind of conservative. Let’s put it this way, European ladies don’t spend time messing around in short-term relationships. They see no value in it.

“I’m currently unemployed.”

These aren’t words that you’d want for women to see on your profile. Please, for the love of all things good, take it down if you have it on there.European women want their men to be stable and capable of taking care of them and their future family. We are not implying that European ladies are materialistic. The fact is, because of the gender roles that they observed as they were growing up, they view men as the providers, leaders, and decision-makers and not someone who’s in “between jobs” and doesn’t have any sort of goal in his life.

“I have achieved a lot of success. I’m loaded.”

Think about what that means for a minute. They would be wonderful if they were true but if they were not, you’re out of the game if your Russian or Ukrainian lady friend finds out (and she eventually will). Don’t think you will get away with not being honest on your profile. If trust gets broken, then it is really difficult to regain it.

“I’ve got kids.”

Let’s stop here for a moment. We are not implying that these ladies don’t love kids but they may have problems with the thought of a blended family. It may happen that you will be rejected, but it may happen that you won’t.

Want More Tips?

These are only a couple of examples of what may be serious turn-offs for European ladies. If you need more tips on how to improve your online dating experience, check back every once in a while for most helpful posts on European dating, women and their culture.