Marriage Customs in Ukraine

Traditions and customs connect together and form a culture. Every region of the world has a different culture that sets it apart from other regions. There are certain areas of the world that are being modernized and we do not get to see the old customs in the day-to-day lives of the people. People like to be independent and live their lives on their own ways. However, there are certain occasions that are always filled with the old rituals and customs no matter how modernized people get. Marriage is one of those events when the typical traditions and customs are at its peak. These customs complete a marriage and bring happiness for the couple.

The Customs and Traditions

Various customs and traditions are a part of the typical Ukrainian wedding. Ukraine is rich in customs and these traditions bring immense amount of blessings for the couple. As seen in most of the countries, the marriage customs in Ukraine start with an engagement ceremony. The ceremony starts with an interesting tradition when the bride presents the groom with a loaf of bread. This is a different kind of tradition that is seen only in Ukrainian weddings. This tradition comes with an underlying meaning of a prayer of enhancing the wealth of the groom’s family.

The Rich Rituals

The engagement ceremony that is a part of the Ukrainian weddings is quite an extensive ceremony. It does not last for a day or two but keeps going on for an entire week. The cards of the wedding are distributed to the relatives and the family members. The friends of the bride and the groom hand out the cards. The main wedding starts with the bride and groom being a part of some rituals that are taken place in woods. Later, when the groom comes to the bride’s house, he is refused to move through the entrance gate. He needs to pay some money and then he gets the permission of entering the house.

The Extensive Ceremonies

The main course of meal is served to the guests. The gifts are provided to the couple on the behalf of the guests who become a part of the nuptials. Later, a cake is cut and the celebrations end with happiness and contentment. The traditions and customs that are a part of Ukrainian weddings are quite extensive. This wastes a lot of time and the wedding that could end in a week is extend to almost a month.