ukrainian dateUkrainian dating culture is very different from what you are probably used to as a western man. Knowing the differences between a Ukrainian date and a western date, and how to deal with such differences, could dictate whether you fail or you eventually emerge successful. The fact that you have successfully gone through the initial online dating phase (assuming that is how you met your Ukrainian date) and are ready to go out with a Ukrainian girl on your first real date means that some you have already become aware of some of the main differences between dating a lady from the Ukraine and dating a western women. You should have noted that even though the push for gender equality in the west may have eroded some of the dating etiquette in the country, the situation may not be the same in the Ukraine and women from there still obey the more traditional standpoints.

What should you do on your first Ukrainian date?

Below is a brief outline of some of the most important things to remember when you go out with your first Ukrainian date;

  • The greeting; it does not matter whether you are French or Italian, Ukrainian culture dictates that you greet the lady by a handshake and nothing more. You could get carried away and give her a short hug depending on how close the two of you may have grown during your online dating sessions but anything more intimate like kissing should be totally out of the question on that first date.
  • Etiquette; women from the Ukraine still attach a lot of value to ancient chivalry although it may appear dead in modern western culture. She will still expect little chivalrous details like opening doors for her or pulling out her chair for her at the dinner table and if you do these then you are more likely to gain her affection.
  • Payment; even though this might not sound fair or progressive, Ukrainian women are not expected to pay when they are in the company of a man be it her father, her brother, a friend or even a date. So you should be ready and prepared to cover the check for the date and any other minor expenses that turn up during its course. It is not gold digging since this is the culture in the country and failure to do so will just make you look mean.
  • Dressing; Ukrainian women have good fashion sense and you can easily impress her and make a statement by dressing up nicely. Of course, whichever clothes you decide to wear for the occasion must be appropriate for where you are taking your Ukrainian date.