How to make sure your online partner doesn’t lose interest in you

If you’re interested in international dating, it’s possible that you’ve already found a beautiful online partner who you really like. You’ve introduced yourself and you’ve been emailing each other daily when suddenly, you never hear from her again and you’re asking yourself what happened.

It’s not hard making a mistake, especially when it comes to online relationships. It’s difficult to understand the intent behind someone’s words without seeing their body language,etc. Below is a list of some things to avoid in order to successfully woo a foreign woman.

Online Partner

Discussing sensitive issues too soon

Anyone who’s visited an international dating website knows that there are thousands of gorgeous women from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other Eastern European countries looking for companionship. It’s not surprising then that many guys would like to establish a more intimate and deeper connection with one of the lovely ladies. It’s important to know that talking about sensitive topics like sex, marriage, children, etc. is not the way to do it. Women need time to generate a connection with someone so a courting process is essential. Try to get to know your online partner a lot better before discussing any of these subjects.

Demanding to know what she’s doing at all times

With many different social networking sites available today, it’s not difficult finding out what a person is doing at any given moment. However, keep in mind that just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean you should spy on her. If your favourite woman finds out that you’ve been stalking her, she could get scared and end all communication with you.

Texting/emailing a hundred times a day

Just because a woman doesn’t answer your message or email immediately doesn’t mean you should keep texting her until she does. She could have a good reason why she hasn’t gotten back to you yet. Maybe she’s been in a meeting all day and haven’t read her emails yet. Maybe she can only use a computer a couple of times a week. Be patient and don’t send her a ton of messages as it will make you seem desperate and bored.

Bothering a woman who is clearly not interested

Eastern European women are masters at dropping passive aggressive hints to tell a guy their not interested. If you send her a letter that is three pages long and she replies with one sentence, she’s clearly not that into you. Believe me, if a woman is interested, you’ll know.

It’s natural that everybody makes mistakes and just because one woman didn’t find you intriguing enough doesn’t mean that you will never find true love. Be patient and follow our guidelines above. Before you know it, your dream of courting a stunning foreign lady might be a reality!