Several Asian countries are popular tourist destinations. However, tourism isn’t the only reason so many people take a trip out there. The second big reason is looking for a partner. It is no news that a lot of Western men are interested in dating Asian women. When visiting Asia for this purpose, it is best to be acquainted with the following customs:

1. Food and Visiting Asia

Visiting AsiaWhen going out for food, sooner or later you have to use chopsticks. The best way to get used to them is to practice using them at home. Some things to remember about eating with chopsticks – don’t stick them in the food. The reason it makes people uncomfortable is that it looks like incense which is offered to the dead in funerals. Also, know that it is considered rude to double dip.

2. Accepting Compliments

In the Western countries, we respond differently to praise. Usually, by saying thanks to the person offering the compliment. In lots of Asian countries, that is considered rude. What you should do is to be humble and thank the person while saying you don’t deserve praise. Downplaying the compliment is what is expected of you.

3. Asian Customs and Visiting Homes

It is true. In most Asian households you have to leave your shoes by the door. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the host or hostess if you should do that. A lot of places in the West, people can enter another person’s living room with their shoes on. In Asia, that is the equivalent of taking a bucket full of mud and throwing it all over their carpet.

Know How to Behave When Visiting Asia

Remembering the tips provided in this article helps you avoid a lot of negative situations that can otherwise arise. When visiting Asia, keep in mind what not to do with chopsticks, remember not to be arrogant about compliments. Also, keep in mind that you should always ask if you can enter someone’s home with your shoes on.