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Your profile photos and photo gallery are two of the most important elements in your online dating profile. Because of this, you spend a significant amount of time in deciding which of your photos portray your best qualities and would make you more attractive to prospective dates. If you don’t, well you should. Whether you hold the same standards for yourself, there is no denying that you would most likely click on profiles showing really attractive photos of Ukrainian girls.

Now on to the next part in the life of someone looking for a mate in online dating – decoding the type of person behind the profile based on the photos that she posted. Is that stunning sexy lady for real or will she pale in comparison to her online persona in real life? Here are some of the common photos of Ukrainian girls that you will encounter on dating sites.

Profile pic in black and white

Not that common nowadays but there are quite a few samples of photos of Ukrainian girls in black and white. Girls who post black and white photos may have an artistic side or love the nostalgic aspects of monochrome portraits. These are okay actually if you like these qualities in a girl. The thing is, one or two photos in black and white are okay but if there is no single colored photo in her profile, it is definitely a red flag. First thing that comes to mind is she could have the worst case of acne hence the black and white photos.

Instagram photos

Admittedly photos of Ukrainian girls look quite nice especially with the different filters. Like black and white photos, they have a certain nostalgic effect. But too much of these photos can also mean that she may be hiding something. Behind the blurry effects of an Instagram photos may be a person who may not be that attractive when represented in focus.

Photos Of Kids

Two questions that come to mind – is this the girl in when she was a kid or is this a photo of her kid/s? Well at least this can prompt you to contact her even just to ask for a clarification. If she only posts photos of her as a kid, of course you should wonder if there’s something about how she looks now that she is hiding from potential partners. If these photos are of her offspring, at least she is honest to guys that there will be a child involved if you so choose to pursue a relationship with her. The ball will now be in your court.

Bikini photos

What guy looking for Ukrainian girlfriend or wife wouldn’t want a girl who looks good in a bikini? If most or all of the photos in her profile are bikini shots, who wouldn’t want to enjoy going through them right? Well, if you’re looking at those photos, a lot of other guys are doing the same thing. This means one thing: more competition. Actually two things: she likes being half-naked all the time? Another question: is she a model? And yet another: are these really her photos or is this a possible sign that the profile is owned by a scammer? One or more bikini photos are okay, but all her photos? It’s definitely an example of photos of Ukrainian girls that raises more questions than answers.