dating Russian women tips

If you are meeting Russian women online, this also means that much of your courtship will be done online as well, either via chats or email. You don’t have to be a really creative writer to have engaging conversations with your Russian girlfriend or fiancée. You just have to be engaging as you tell your stories, and naturally curious about what she’s saying as she tells you hers. That being said, one of the essential online dating Russian women tips is to use proper English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You might think that this often overlooked dating Russian women tips is not necessary. Does it really matter? Or can you just overlook it? Grammar, spelling, and punctuation won’t matter much as long as you are having fun chatting or exchanging stories in your emails back and forth, right? Wrong. Remember that you are communicating with someone whose first language is not English. If you don’t use proper English grammar and spelling, this will just cause confusion for her. You have to see it from her point of view as well – your correspondence is one of the ways for her to learn or polish her English skills, so you’re being a bad teacher of your language if you don’t use it properly with her.

Another reason why this example of dating Russian women tips should be in mind as you maintain your correspondence is that your assumptions about her English skills might be wrong. Note that there are also a lot of Russian women who are well-educated. Most of those that are based in the major cities are fluent in English as well. So do not assume right away that their English is not up to par just because it is not their first language. If you speak in broken English with wrong grammar or use the wrong spelling, for the Russian ladies this will only mean two things. Either you are patronizing them by dumbing down your English, or that they will get the impression that you are an uneducated person who does not even speak his own language properly. Either way, they will think that you are not worthy of their time and might shift their attention to other suitors.

Punctuation is just as important as grammar and spelling so this must be given equal importance as well. Even if you are just chatting informally, try to use correct punctuation as much as possible. The object here is not so much as putting emphasis on the use of capitalization or punctuation marks but in making your messages or texts easier to read. Try to picture out a long message that is all written in small letters with no punctuation marks. Anyone who reads it will find it difficult to figure out where does a sentence ends and where does the next one starts.

Another thing, if you write in big paragraph blocks, these are not just difficult to read but can also cause strain to the eyes. This goes for using the right font size as well – those that are too small will cause eye strain to both of you. Finally, remember the online etiquette of avoiding typing all your words in capital letters since this is equal to shouting. If you keep in mind important dating Russian women tips such as this, you will have more fun and engaging conversations with your Russian lady friends.
Alex Vidal